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On the fast track to becoming a software developer

You skip the commercials and credits on television? Why not at work?

Start now and reach your career goal of "software developer" without detours.

Let Abacus train you as a programmer in Java at top speed. Dare now to start as a trainee in software development and start your training in software programming.

Get to know the Abacus Academy

As a trainee at the Abacus Academy, you will develop the basics for a successful career start in the field of software development in just 6 months. Our Java experts will put together a challenging training program for you and support you as coaches. This will lay your practice-oriented professional foundation in Java development. After successfully completing your training, you can look forward to a permanent position in the Abacus team.

Your attractive advantages

  • Concentrated knowledge transfer
  • Learning from proven experts
  • Instantly visible results of your work
  • State of the art working environment at your disposal
  • You've been a member of the team from the beginning and are part of it.
  • Earn money even during your training
  • An exciting job awaits you at your destination


What our graduates say about Abacus Academy

Dario Hefti, Software Developer

Marco Fahr, Head of Abacus Academy

What you should bring to Abacus Academy:

  • Completed vocational education
  • Completed continuing education at a higher technical college or university of applied sciences or shortly before completion
  • First points of contact with computer science and programming
  • Fascination for software development
  • Enthusiasm for Java and analytical work
  • Talent for programming
  • Willingness and thirst for knowledge to constantly grow and develop
  • Endurance for intensive training with a lot of self-study
  • Initiative to actively shape your future 

If you are convinced that you meet all these requirements, you have already taken the first step towards the Abacus Academy.

Take the next step now and send us your complete documentation (CV including Letter of Motivation).

Send us your application

The application and training phases at the Abacus Academy are as follows

Abacus - Meet criteria

Meet criteria

Abacus - Submit documents

Submit documents

Abacus - Complete evaluation phase

Complete evaluation phase

Abacus - Successfully complete first interview

Successfully complete first interview

Abacus - Meet the team

Meet the team

Abacus - Sign decision and contract

Sign decision and contract

Abacus - Complete training phases

Complete training phases

Abacus - Take up permanent employment

Take up permanent employment

Still have questions?

Check out our FAQ or contact us directly if you have any questions.

Yes, it will be handed over to you during a lovely dinner.

100% and a lot of self-study.

It is free of charge, you even receive a salary.

Yes, for 2 years after graduation. After your training you will be assigned to a team. 

Yes, 3 months. During this period, both parties can terminate the contract without obligation.

No, German is sufficient.