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Trainee Software Development Engineer

Is programming your passion? Have you already gained experience in this field - either through training or through your own activities?
Do you think of "loops" as more than just tying your shoes, "pythons" as more than just snakes and "Java" as more than just an island?
Do you have a talent for information technology and a desire to make a difference through technology?

If so, then you've come to the right place. Through our trainee program, we support you on your journey to becoming a software developer - individually and with practical relevance.

Get to know AbaCollege

Trainees at Abacus College learn the basics for a successful career start in software programming while receiving professional guidance. Our instructors put together a challenging training program for you and support you as coaches. This provides you with a practical, professional foundation in software development. After successful completion of the program, we offer you a permanent position as a member of the Abacus team.

Dario Hefti, Software Developer

Marco Fahr, Head of AbaCollege

Your attractive advantages

  • You benefit from individual and concentrated knowledge transfer
  • You can access the know-how of experienced professionals
  • You get immediate and visible results from your work
  • You learn in a state-of-the-art working environment
  • You are part of the team from the very beginning
  • Upon successful completion, a permanent position awaits you


What you should bring to AbaCollege:

  • Completed vocational training or completed further education at a higher technical college or university of applied sciences (or about to complete).
  • Basic knowledge of programming
  • Structured thinking, willingness to perform and solution-orientated
  • Fascination with software development and strong analytical skills
  • Determination to keep going even when something doesn't work out
  • Stamina and enthusiasm to get involved in a demanding training program
  • Strong initiative to actively shape your own future

The application and training phases at AbaCollege are as follows



Bewerbungs- und Ausbildungsphasen - Evaluationsphase absolvieren
Contract info

Professional assessment

Bewerbungs- und Ausbildungsphasen - Erstes Gespr├Ąch erfolgreich bestehen

Get Ready

Self study:

Online learning with Abacus Coaches

Self study:
Online learning with Abacus Coaches
Effective contract drafting

Abacus Check

Practical part

Transfer to development team


During the interview, we will get to know each other and find out if we are a good match. If we are, you will be invited to an assessment day.

Professional assessment

At the assessment, we are interested in exploring your foundation. We want to find out how you approach computer science problems. The more previous knowledge you have, the more information we have at our disposal to use for the assessment.

We provide you with the themes of our tasks ahead of time so that you can prepare yourself accordingly.

Get Ready

If the assessment day proves that we are a match, we expect you to take initiative to develop some of your basic knowledge. You will expand your programming skills with online programming courses, which include both theory and practice. We will support you with coaching and additional materials. You organize the time for this yourself. This part should be completed within a maximum of two months.

Abacus Check

This is it! During the preparation period, you will have increased your programming knowledge and skills. Your progress and successes have reinforced your decision that a career in computer science is right for you. We will meet for a 1-day exam day where we will review your progress and achievements.

Practical part

If the Abacus check is positive for both sides, there is nothing standing in the way of your career in computer science. You will start at AbaCollege with a full-time workload and continue your education as a programmer.

Transfer to development team

Towards the end of your training as a programmer, you will be assigned to a business unit where you will work on specific projects and become a part of the Abacus success story.

Do you still have questions?

Check out our FAQ or contact us directly if you have any questions.

Yes. This will be presented to you at a special dinner.

100% and a lot of self-studies

The training is free, and you even receive a salary.

Yes, and for at least two years after graduation. After your training, you will be assigned to a team. 

Yes, three months. During this time, both sides can terminate the contract without obligation.

No, German is sufficient.